Suspended Pizza

Naples is love, always sung near the sea in Via Caracciolo or Posillipo in the classical melodies of music history.
No song instead sings the true and authentic love of Rione Sanità, the true love, the one that comes from a heart that beats, the one that does not deliver notes but pizzas to those who cannot afford it.
The day when I met with my father Antonio our friend Monica Piscitelli, we talked about the idea of ​​Pizza Sospesa (idea also shared with Antonio Puzzi, another dear friend) and I immediately fell in love with the idea.
I, my family, so much tied to the people of our neighborhood, of our city, had the possibility to do something to help people in need by doing our job. It really seemed like a beautiful thing to me.

Today some time has passed and I must say that the suspended pizza remains one of the things of which, we Oliva, are more proud of. Looking at that blackboard at Concettina’s entrance on which the numers of suspended pizzas are written makes me feel very proud every single time a new pizza is added.

In this regard I like to cite to this theme a passage from the chapter written by Marino Niola contained in the recent book “Pizza, a great Italian tradition” published by Slow Food Editore, which, in my humble opinion, has been able to interpret with his mastery perfectly the values ​​by highlighting the idea that “A pizza is not denied to anyone. Nor to those who do not have the opportunity to buy food.

This is the philosophy of the initiative that makes this street food a universal synonym of solidarity. Especially since the “suspended” came out of the.
Maybe it’s just Neapolitan altruism. ”
So for me that blackboard where we note the suspended pizzas is a bit like a swing, a swing of emotions: the numbers rise, fall and then go up again.
There is no balance, there is no immobility.
It is true love, the one that helps us in the alleys, the one that tightens in a strong relationship, the one that doesn’t need songs, that goes straight to the heart with the power concrete gestures.